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          1.重慶升降機充分利用免費檢測。重慶升降機很重視售后服務,會經常有免費的檢測活動。這些免費檢測活動很多看似簡單,在廠家看來似乎沒有實質性內容,其實這些重慶升降機的免費檢測活動是非常有好處的。Chongqing lift to take full advantage of free detection. Chongqing elevator attaches great importance to after-sales service, there will often be free testing activities. These free testing activities seem to be simple, the manufacturers seem to have no substantive content, in fact, these free testing of the elevator in Chongqing is very good.

          2.恰當用油。重慶升降機恰當用油包含兩個方面:一是燃油,二是潤滑油。燃料選用不當,很容易造成燃油濾清器的堵塞等故障,重慶升降機使發動機出現怠速不穩、加速不良和油耗上升等不正?,F象,還會加速氣缸的磨損,影響發動機壽命。選用的潤滑油,既能滿足潤滑要求,又能節約升降平臺和升降貨梯的花費。Proper use of oil. Chongqing elevator proper use of oil contains two aspects: one is the fuel, the two is the lubricating oil. Improper selection of fuel, it is easy to cause the clogging accident of fuel filter, Chongqing elevator makes the engine idling instability, poor acceleration and fuel consumption rising is not a normal phenomenon, will accelerate the cylinder wear, affect the life of the engine. The selection of lubricating oil, both to meet the requirements of lubrication, but also to save the cost of lifting platform and lift cargo.

          3.盡可能少解體維修總成。 很多廠家都有這種感覺,自己工廠里的重慶升降機的某個總成在解體維修后便一發不可收拾,隔一段時間就要“住院”治療,這種現象在高端升降機里上尤為常見。As little as possible to the disintegration of the maintenance assembly. Many manufacturers have this feeling that their factories in Chongqing with a total lift in the disintegration of maintenance after a hair get out of hand, from time to time to the hospital for treatment, this phenomenon is particularly common in the high-end elevator.

          當然還有別的我們公司想不到的,您也可以自己去實施,只要是對您的重慶升降機有用處的都可以。只要是我們公司的產品,我們公司都會無條件為您獻上最真誠的服務的!Of course, there are other our company can not think of, you can also go to the implementation, as long as it is useful for your Chongqing lift can be. As long as it is our company's products, our company will unconditionally for you to offer the most sincere service!



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