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          作者: admin 瀏覽次數:1594 來源: 美達斯機械 發布日期:2017-11-28 16:12:40

          重慶升降機需要哪些保護措施? 針對重慶升降機下沉問題的改進方案,重慶美達斯機械已作出分析,詳細請看以下介紹。Chongqing lift need what protection? For the improvement scheme of Chongqing elevator sinking problem, Chongqing meidasi machinery has made detailed analysis, please see the following introduction.

          重慶升降機升降到某一指定位置,過一段時間后整個臺面會再自重作用下,自動下降到一定距離,產生這個缺陷有兩方面的原因:一方面液壓是有柔性的,在很大壓力或溫度作用下,體積會變化體現在臺面上就是位置下降。Chongqing elevator to a specified location, after a period of time, the table will automatically fall under gravity to a certain distance, the defects have two reasons: on the one hand, the hydraulic pressure is flexible, in great pressure or temperature, volume will decline is reflected in changes in position on the table.

          另一方面液壓系統在高壓作用下難免會使液壓閥回流,或者密封件產生泄露油現象。以上問題雖然增加一套鎖進裝置能達到定位精度要求,但會給結構和控制帶來復雜性,只能從原理上去解決這一問題。On the other hand, the hydraulic system under high pressure will inevitably cause the return of the hydraulic valve, or seal to produce leakage of oil. Although the above problems to increase a set of locking device can achieve the positioning accuracy requirements, but will give the structure and control complexity, only from the principle to solve the problem.

          具體方案是把液壓-剪叉驅動方式改成機械-剪叉驅動,即采用帶制動減速電機驅動使螺母平移帶動橫桿和推桿,推桿頂升剪刀叉,達到重慶升降機升降目的。The specific scheme is the hydraulic scissors drive into mechanical scissor drive, using belt brake gear motor drive nut translation to drive the cross rod and the push rod, the push rod lifting scissors, elevator to reach Chongqing.

          此方案結構簡單,輕便,重慶升降機加工組裝維修方便,維護工作量小,保證了兩邊升降的同步性。The scheme has simple structure, light weight, convenient assembly and maintenance of the Chongqing elevator, small maintenance workload, and ensures the synchronization of the two sides of the lifting.



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