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          重慶升降貨梯是一種起重升降機械設備,升降貨梯升降系統,靠液壓泵站驅動,故也被稱作液壓升降貨梯。Chongqing lift goods ladder is a lifting machinery equipment, lift cargo lift system, by the hydraulic pump station, it is also called the hydraulic lifting goods ladder.

          重慶升降貨梯用于建筑物層高間運送貨物的,專用液壓升降貨梯產品,主要用各種工作層間貨物上下運送;立體車庫和地下車庫層高間汽車舉升等。Chongqing elevator for the delivery of goods in the building floors, special hydraulic lifting goods ladder products, mainly with a variety of work between the top and bottom of the transport; three-dimensional garage and underground garage floor height between car lifting and so on.

          重慶升降貨梯液壓系統設置防墜、超載安全保護裝置,各樓層和升降臺工作臺面均可設置操作按鈕,實現多點控制。產品結構堅固,承載量大,升降平穩,安裝維護簡單方便,是經濟實用的低樓層間替代電梯的理想貨物輸送設備。The hydraulic system of the Chongqing lifting goods ladder is provided with an anti dropping and overload safety protection device, and the operation buttons are arranged on each floor and the lifting table. The utility model has the advantages of strong product structure, large bearing capacity, stable lifting, simple and convenient installation and maintenance, and is an ideal goods transportation equipment for the economic and practical low floor alternative elevator.

          重慶升降貨梯用途:升降貨梯主要用于工廠流水線、貨物倉庫、停車場、碼頭、建筑、物流等的高空貨物上下運輸。兩側安裝滑軌,穩定、安全、結實、耐用。 Chongqing lift cargo ladder purposes: lift goods ladder is mainly used in the factory assembly line, goods warehouse, parking lots, docks, construction, logistics and other upper and lower transport of goods. On both sides of the installation of slide, stability, safety, strong and durable.



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